The Best Mortgage Loan in Chennai & Loan Against Property

The Best Mortgage Loan in Chennai & Loan Against Property

Mortgage Loan in Chennai & Loan against Property

Mortgage Loan in Chennai And All Over TamilNadu.

Mortgage Loan = Easy way to get finance immediately

We strongly believe in organizing funds as earlier as possible by using a property mortgage loan. We satisfied our customers with providing mortgage Loan service at the right time.

Our happy customers believe in our quality services and calmly enjoyed the one stop solution for their requirements. Our company expertise team members provide the organized service to the customers and make them satisfied till the disbursement of loan.

Commercial and Industrial Properties Construction, Re-Construction, Purchase of properties such as Independent house, Flats, apartments, & Villas, Commercial buildings, Industrial buildings & Residential buildings, School & College buildings, Educational Trusts & societies…

We are experts at finding the right secured loan for your personal circumstances and working capital needs.

Mortgage is also known as loan against property.

The loan against property or Mortgage Loan Chennai is the comfortable way of mobilizing funds immediately by simply pledge a property with the finance institution. It can be mortgage with private lending or through BANKS & NBFCS. It’s also can be mortgaged with individual who can lend finance at the right time.

Many people may search everywhere to avail funds on emergency basis. The right choice is kfis. Our team of expertise will provide the customized service by making our clients to have a choice of finance solutions. We satisfy our clients till the end of the process by fulfilling the end use purpose.

Types Of Mortgage Loan In Chennai

➤  Vacant Land residential, commercial and industrial
➤ Residential land and building
➤ Commercial land and building
➤ Industrial land and building
➤ Property under construction

The most important info is Balance transfer from existing BANK or NBFC and additional top up on outstanding principle. Sometimes the top up can be provided 100% from property value. Loan can be approved within 3 working days.

Eligibility criteria for self employed for Mortgage Loan

* No IT required upto 1crore
* Bank account statements can be required for Last 12 months
* Business proofs
* Promoters KYC
* Easy documentation and quick process

Eligibility criteria Mortgage Loan for Salaried

* Last 6 months payslips
* Salary credited bank statement for last 12 months
* Applicant & co applicant KYC
* Hand salary can also be considered for loan amount up to 30Lakhs

Eligible For Property documents

✦ Parent documents and last sale deed must
✦ Natham documents, Panchayat approval, CMDA approval can be eligible
✦ Approved or unapproved Building
✦ With or without PATTA

Loan Against property In Chennai

There are lots of offers available in finance market for loan against property. It’s simply defined by pledging your property with Lending company and avail finance to fulfil your finance needs. Some customers may avail loan against property in Chennai easily and some people find difficulty in avail Loan against property funds due to some lack in eligibility. It is very simple to get finance on the property with our support for those who find difficulty in avail finance. There is a wide range of finance option to avail loan against property.

There is a broad range of financing schemes on offer by the loan against property providers and it might be difficult to decide on the best one, with the sheer variety of options available. Some advice along with a little bit of research and patience on your end is a must because our primary lookout is to get the maximum value out of your property in the form of this loan against property and that too with the lowest possible interest rate so that the EMIs do not cause as a huge burden on your shoulders.

If you search smartly, you can be certain of finding the best possible loan against property rates in Chennai. Generally this type of loan is procured by people for numerous reasons. There may be infinite reasons for which this loan comes in very useful.

The types of property can apply for Loan against property finance

1. Loan against property on Residential land with building
2. Loan against property on Commercial land with building
3. Loan against property on apartment
4. Loan against property on government allotment property
5. Loan against property for Building construction
6. Loan against property on Residential land property up to 50% on value
7. Loan against property on Commercial land property upto 50% on value
8. Loan against property on trust property
9. Loan against property on Marriage Halls
10. Loan against property on ware houses
11. Loans against property Industrial property

Eligibility Criteria for Loan against property

1. Loan against property on income from business profession
2. Loan against property based on Bank account statement
3. Loan against property on Monthly GST Returns filed
4. Loan against property on Rental income received
5. Loan against property on salary income
6. Loan against property for new projects with projections

Loan against property with affordable interest price and loan against property with maximum finance amount minimal documentation.

Loan against property for Salary professionals

Salary professionals may avail Loan against property with our guidance easily and very quickly
The eligibility criteria are very simple and based on your month take home pay.
The loan against property can avail by combining salary income of family members too.
A combination of salary income and rental income will also be considered for loan against property.

Take the right choice with us and groove with bright future. We always with you to show the right way at a right time to reach success simply

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