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KFIS About

KFIS “Khannan Finance and Investment Service” is a firm that has a strong history of growing many businesses with an assured achievement of their goal.

KFIS is authentic and regarded as a pioneer in the field of Finance Services.

Growing a business is not that easy task and KFIS completes the task and stands for trustworthy clients who were traveling on the entire business growth journey.   KFIS will develop MSME Business and services with proper Finance Support to help those businesses to be more productive, efficient and successful. 

KFIS channeled with major traditional BANK’s & NBFC’s serviced with lots of finance products. KFIS achieved the goals consistently and was named as a pioneer in Finance institutions.. 

Who We Are

KFIS experts are the path setting bearers for our clients who would like to develop their company to the next level. KFIS finds resources of Finance, Investments & Equities to our clients safely and securely. Our resources of finance are plenty and knowledge of implements are the best in the industry to reach the unbelievable rise in their business.


KFIS reliability and sense of responsibility makes customers one of the most trustworthy firms.


Finance services are responsible for ensuring the information exists and is reliable and accessible


We strive to be a respectful company, treating all our customers with dignity & respect.


The work is very adversarial whereas what KFIS doing now is cooperative and collaborative

We want to inspire our next generation to carry the business ethical secrets of success where our fore business people handled and implemented for growth.
We are a team of passionate finance consultants, analyzer and advisors who are engaged in setback solutions to our end users. We believe that our resources of solvation capacity have the potential to make a positive impact on the economy, and we are excited to be a part of that journey.
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Business growth is combined with Finance. The growth of a company shall be quite leisure running without finance. Perhaps, a company expecting rapid improvement in business finance is essential. Our knowledge contributes to grab finance, calculative implementation and phenomenal growth.

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